I have a lot of great attributes.  But, what I’ve noticed over the years is that when it comes to taking a leap into the unknown, I will procrastinate.  Because I love going deeper within my soul- where all the magic is unfolding – I quickly began to seek a solution.  

If I tell myself failure is possible, I will sit on it and do nothing.  I also realized if I do nothing, nothing will be change.  I knew I had to trust the process and take a leap of faith, if I were to transform this issue.

So, after dancing with the madness for a few days, I decided to focus on a past memory and the feelings of greatness I received when I accomplished it.  I began to think about one good memory and how much I appreciated it.  I noticed just, one good thought, followed by feelings of happiness, led to another, and another good thought, feeling, and inspired action. 

It is my goal to be aware of and value my emotions.  I noticed the waves of happiness sweeping through my body. 

I wanted to experience this feeling over and over again.  So, what did I do?  I grab my computer and began writing this blog.  

A series of  positive thoughts and ideas began to flow.  My dominant focus on what it looks like to maintain momentum grew bigger and bigger.   As the thoughts began to dance with each other, my emotions became engaged in the dance.  

And, before I knew it I was not only inspired into action, but momentum was flowing easily.   And, I created the blossoming reality of my first blog.  

This blog is the result of dancing with momentum.

To Your Life,