About Coaching to the Heart

Founded in 2007, Coaching to the Heart (C2H) is a small, private owned organization, creating time, space, and experiences for women to live in their heart-where peace, purpose and power reside.  

C2H supports women in moving from desire and unfilled dreams to a life of fulfillment.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the organization was birthed by it’s founder, Diana Curtis, after many years of not having a clear vision of her own; or, the ability to maintain a heart-centered life of purpose. Because of her commitment to life long personal development and modeling of transformation in her life, others began to seek her out for support in their growth process. Hence, Coaching to the Heart was born.

Our approaches are holistic in that they take care of the whole person – include strategies and lots of soul work -through experiential activities and modeling of a variety of coaching techniques.

We live in a mental world-everything is mental.  C2H supports individuals in giving their mental state a rest, so that they can hear more clearly from the core of who they are.

We create experiences that transform situations easily!   Women are creating new beliefs and feelings and living from their inner strength and power – rather than from old mindsets and stories of the past.