5 Surprising Ways to Move Through Grief

Meet Diana, Your Coach

Diana Curtis is a sought after grief recovery specialist, educator, life coach and speaker with a history of life changing successes in transformational grief work.  


Diana created the “Grief Recovery Solutions” to teach as many people as possible how to grieve with grace and self-compassion. 


Your Life Curriculum..

is uniquely designed for your purposes only.

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I am glad that you are here and can’t wait to help you recover and return to your true nature.

Coaching to the Heart (C2H) specializes in helping women without mothers – who are struggling with the pain of loss and grief, – create a sacred path for healing that honors themselves and their loved ones.

The ultimate vision is for all women to experience optimal self-care, the life they dream of having, and experiences where they are seen, heard, nurtured and cared for.

“Diana’s passionate expression for women’s inner strength and power has been evident since the first time I met her. Her desire to help others see a bigger vision for themself is contagious. Her warm, holistic approach to coaching continues to inspire me into action.”

Georgette Taylor

Owner, Dynamic Life Enterprise


Are you interested in learning “The 5 Ways that Might Be Keeping Your Grief Stuck; and

the #1 Thing You Can do Now to Move Forward”?

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Coaching is one of the most valuable things in the world.  The best leaders have coaches because coaches show you how to shift the game and get the results you truly desire.

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“Working with Diana has given me a framework for walking the walk and talking the talk. It is evident through her compassionate way of helping others release their blockages that she has done her own personal work and healing.  Whether it is through transforming relationships or aligning the vision and self-image, she is always ready to serve others.”

Eileen Teran

Owner, Happy Spirit Quest Blog

4 Pillars Jumpstart to Healing Grief in 8-weeks

This is a sacred path with solutions for healing grief.

This 60-day process is a self-care process designed to nurture your heart and invigorate your soul.

Get ready to experience a clean heart, mind, and emotions through the integration of a harmonized spirit, mind, heart, and physical you.


Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method offers an opportunity to recover and heal in a community with other individuals who have experienced loss; or, in a one-on-one setting.

This seven or eight week journey was designed by the Grief Recovery Institute and have been approved as an evidenced-based program that have helped millions.

Are you ready to start your journey of growth and healing?.



“I have never experienced a holistic approach to coaching and healing as Diana’s approach.  She is careful to start with the end in mind by identifying what it is you truly desire.   With a community of warm-hearted women, she makes creativity fun through visuals that lead you on a path of authenticity and ease, resulting in amazing results.”

Stephanie Henry

Public Health Advisor, Aspiring Real Estate Agent

This is one of the

things I do best

ReImagine Vision Retreat

You must know what it is you want in life in order to create it.

Are you ready to do a “life review”?

Do you know what lights you up inside?

This one day retreat is packed with unforgettable experiences of hope, inner peace, and clarity of vision.

Looking for a speaker for your next women’s circle or event?


If your heart could speak, what would she say?

I am available to support you and your community move through the process of growth and expansion with ease and peace.

Healing takes place in community!


Join the Private Facebook Community?

This Facebook community provides a safe space for professional women dealing with the emotional pain of grief after a significant loss and heartbreak. Loss of a parent, spouse, job, something dear to you.  It doesn’t matter the type or how long ago the loss occurred you are welcome to join us!