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Coaching to the Heart's intention is to nurture and support you in unleashing and living as your best self. Our signature practices will open your heart and eyes to desires, dreams, and matching gifts you never knew existed inside of you.


Our mission is to enhance your ability to live your truest, most authentic self. You should expect to be elevated to your highest level of success through self-discovery, self-reflection, and experiential learning tools, skills, and principles.


Coaching to the Heart is a coaching organization helping conscious, courageous, heart-centered women realize the truth of who they are and reconnect back to that truth while living a purpose and passion filled life of peace. Our holistic approach includes breakthrough training and coaching complimented with the integration of spiritual principles, universal laws, and energy therapy. Be part of the best kept secret in soul work and personal development.
Fresh Vision

Fresh Vision

Are you ready to have a heart-centered, soul driven experience? We have one choice to make, now and always: to open ourselves to embrace truth and its constant companion, love: or, to withdraw from truth and love and define ourselves through resistance and control. This choice is placed before you relentlessly, with exquisite precision. There is no better place to experience truth and love than right where you are, every moment of every day; in relationship with your own heart and soul, and with the heart and soul of people around you. Life is waiting for you! To your peace,


Your presence, Diana, and attention to my needs have been life-changing. Life seems brighter and more hopeful for the future.


Diana, the tools and skills offered by your organization are truly easy, effortless, and transformational. Thank you for reminding me how simply breathing can shift my state of being.


I am very happy with the easy and effortless coaching approaches offered by Diana.


Thanks for providing a safe place where I can share my feelings about the loss of my mother without feeling judged or uncomfortable. I am grateful that the many life issues that have unfolded as a result of being motherless are now less difficult to deal with.