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Coaching to the Heart is all about vision.  We are committed to creating a courageous world where women and girls are living with wholeness, as they mother, nurture, love themselves, and make choices from the truth of who they are.


Our mission is to enhance the ability of individuals to embrace their authentic self through self-discovery, experiential learning tools, skills, information, and services.


Coaching to the Heart provides coaching and teaching that supports the unfolding of a fun and honoring lifestyle, such that they are living with the fulfillment of heartfelt dreams and desires.

Our approach is holistic and includes the integration of spiritual laws and principles. Be part of the best kept secret in personal development.

A Fresh Vision

Welcome, I am glad you are here!

Please accept my invitation  to began the journey of becoming YOU!

It’s time to  feel and experience the freshness of Life.


Diana Curtis is president and founder of Coaching to the Heart, LLC, a holistic coaching practice that propels heart-driven women and girls into the highest level of their being and lifestyle success.

Diana has worked with hundreds of individuals in her Beyond the Vision – Create Your Life By Design Retreats, in addition to her popular circles, workshops, and motherless daughters retreats.  There she teaches students how to create from the heart a life of wholeness, harmony, and joy.  As a Spiritual Life Coach, she has a holistic approach to coaching that offers life-enhancing experiences for her clients. Diana’s vision is to support the client in creating a courageous world where they discover, embrace, and live as their authentic selves.

After 37 years working with the CDC, one of the nations’s leading public health agency, Diana discovered her passion for coaching, speaking, and group facilitation.  Her discovery unfolded while doing her own personal development and growth work.  She followed a calling to provide a deeper level of service to others seeking a better life regarding health, finances, and relationships.

Diana consistently asked herself, “how can I continue my service in the health field in a non-traditional but powerful way?”  Her path led her to the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual and Personal Development whose president and founder is Reverend Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. It was there where she experienced two years of intensive healing and personal development. In 2017, after the completion of another year of intensive experiential training and demonstrated proficiency and application, Diana received her spiritual life coaching certification.

Diana provides level up and beyond advice,  easy techniques, and other resources to individuals from around the world.

You’ll love the transformations you’ll experience in Diana’s LevelUp and Beyond Programs meticulously created to help you quickly experience higher levels of joy and success.


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We love our Visioneers!

Diana and Team LevelUp are real people..not automatons, recordings or droids.

With that said, we’re here waiting excitedly for your questions, comments, high-fives, challenges and general reports of well-being.  LevelingUp is all bout having fun and a happy life – so we keep our hours in the general range of 9:30 to 4:00 pm.  (But hey, sometimes we get a little piggy and send an after hours response. You just never know.)

We are definitely not here on holidays or weekends!

We always try to respond to your requests within 24 hours…and we trust that you can do the math if a holiday or weekend day is involved.  (though if you’re like many of our peeps, math isn’t your strong suit.  We still believe in you!)

Here’s our best email:  Diana@coachingtotheheart.org

Thanks!  And happy LevelingUp!


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